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Hello and welcome my name is Vikki and this is where menopause gets real!

Since puberty I have struggled with my hormones – endometriosis, PCOS, lumpy breasts (such a lovely term!), PMS and more delights. Then when I hit my forties things started to go really wrong but I thought it was just an ‘age’ thing.

By my late forties I began to seriously think I had lost it – my mind, my memory, my fitness, any chance of losing weight. I was bloated, depressed and truly thought I was going mad.

Then I found out I wasn’t alone. There are around 35 million females in the UK and around 20 million of those women are over 40. Every single one of those females will go through menopause at some point….But we don’t talk about menopause! It’s one of those taboo subjects. Some women go through with few problems but others experience many, many symptoms but because we don’t talk about it, they don’t even realise what is happening to them.

That was certainly the case for me. Despite working in the health and fitness industry for 22 years I didn’t really know much about menopause and certainly didn’t recognise the symptoms that were staring me in the face.

Something I set about changing once realisation hit. I immersed myself in the subject and set about learning how best to help this special-population of underserved females.

I understand the feelings and pain that can be associated with this stage of life and want to help women get more from life, lose weight, increase energy levels and enjoy relationships more.

To accomplish this I set up MenopauseSurvivalPlan to help raise awareness and help women have an easier time during this important life stage. I show women how to prevent, minimise and cope with the many varied symptoms but most of all I help them realise that they are not going mad and nor are they alone.


Join me on this voyage of discovery where I promise to share with you real life examples of how I am improving my life by eating healthy, exercising differently and working to reduce or lose my symptoms and the weight gain.

I will share the good, the bad and the ugly as I work towards this life goal to lose weight, gain energy and feel fabulous again.

I’d love to hear from you as well so feel free to comment on the various posts around this site.


Vikki Ede is Functional Health Coach at As well as running, she holds workshops for a charity teaching schoolchildren about healthy eating. She runs cookery classes for school children and for adults looking to learn the basics of eating healthier options.